April what a month!!!

I haven’t been keeping up with my blogging lately.  A lot has been going on Oliver our co owner moved to Newnan GA early last month, he will be missed and I can’t thank him enough for everything he and his wife have done for me, so for his clientel, I know most of you so feel free to come by and talk to me about your ideas. I have taken over the shop and am pleased to announce that my very good friend and mentor Brett Jones has joined the Union Ave Tattoo crew. I am honored to have him on board. Not only was he one of the major influences that helped me understand what it means to be a tattooer, he is a peer that I trust and respect.I’ve been slammed with work and am booking into June. I only have a few slots open for May.  I am also booking for my guest spot @ Northern Liberty Tattoo in Philadelphia at the end of June.  I’m really excited for this summer it’s always a great time for the shop. I will be starting a new portfolio project here soon to create a new book, I am working on a new flash set a few paintings and lots of new tattoos. I have quite a few tattoos that I have done recently so I included a slide show in this particular post.  If you are looking for an appointment with me this summer get in while you can. My schedule is extremely tight already, so don’t be shy, get in while you can. Thank you everyone and come by and see Brett and myself at the shop.  We are on the lookout for a new artist that will help round out the line up of our shop.  We are planning another renovation on the shop soon, I’ll update here as I have time. Also a Union Ave Tattoo blog site is also in the works and that is where I may be focusing more of my time here soon.Thanks to everyone who have supported me over the last year and I hope to be here serving the Ft.Lewis and greater Lakewood/Tacoma/Olympia are for years to come

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