I’ve been bitten…

The last few weeks have been great. Jess and I went on a long over due vacation. It’s been a 3 week trek from Washington, to Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. It’s official I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. We left Seattle on the 14th to visit my mom and sisters in Virginia. Before I left I had arranged to do a guest spot at Next Generation Tattoo with Peace Barham and Jackie Newman, both amazing artists and awesome people. I will be tattooing with Peace at the Hampton Roads tattoo convention March 4th-6th. For appointments feel free to contact me. The shop was conveniently located next to a kick ass European antique store where I picked up some sweet treasures. While in Virginia I visited with Chuck Eldridge and Daniel Ferguson at the Tattoo Archive in Winston Salem N.C. not far from my home. Chuck is a wonderful guy, for all of you who don’t know who Chuck is , he was Ed Hardy’s apprentice in the 70’s and worked with Ed for a number of years. Chuck is an extremely intelligent and passionate tattoo artist, and his archive a beautiful collection of tattoo related art and memorabilia…it is a must see for any tattooer and collector alike. I really enjoyed our conversation and appreciated the advice he gave me. I felt humbled in the presence of such a dedicated and passionate individual. It was truly and honor to meet him.

I left out (dug out) on the 27th two days late after the east coast was pounded by a 3 day snow storm to visit my dad and his fiancee in Louisville KY…I haven’t seen him in 2 years due to work so it was long over due. While I was there I visited a lot of shops all over Louisville and southern Indiana and made a few friends along the way. Talked with a really nice tattooer up in Indiana Phil Garrett, John Fruse at Five Star tattoo in Louisville (bought flash), Brian at Ink and Dagger in Louisville but I spent the majority of my time at Acme Ink in Louisville where I got tattooed by Slim Brown and Adam Potts.  These guys are awesome…if you are ever in Louisville you need to go see these guys. They are all stand up gentlemen and phenomenal artists who care deeply about what they do. Slim tattooed me until almost 2 am the night before I left.  We had a great conversation about tattooing and life and I was honored to get some feedback on my work from him and all the guys at the shop. I’m looking forward to going back and hopefully doing a guest spot there in the near future. Slim gave me some of his prints and Adam gave me a sneak peek at his almost complete flash book that is AMAZING! These guys are machines, I gotta step it up. We flew back into Seattle late monday evening after a ridiculous layover in Vegas. I’m booking for Jan-Mar as well as the Hampton Roads convention in Virginia with Peace.

Now it’s back to the shop…where we are working on stage two of our remodel. YAAAaaaaaaay…..I’ll keep ya posted.

Downtown Louisville on the Ohio river

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2 Responses to “I’ve been bitten…”

  1. This looks like an amazing trip. I can see how you and Jess found a lot of inspiration.

    So, if someone were to want to start to draw flash, where would you suggest they start? 🙂

    • The Firm Tattoo & Co. (Classic Tattoos by Q) Says:

      I would suggest Sailor Jerry, Bert Grimm, Owen Jensen, Ben Corday, Ed Hardy, Thomas Berg….thats where I would start! Ohhhh yeahhhh and Steve Boltz. He is a new age kind of old school tattoo master. He works with guys like Bert Krak, and Eli Quinters. All amazing tattooers. I really enjoy Robert Ryan and Thomas Devita. All amazing artists and tattooers. Check em out Miki! I’d like to see you do some tattoo inspired stuff! That would be amazing. Also I have you linked on our new blog unionavetattoo.wordpress.com, please add us as well. Gimme a call whenever you get a chance.

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