My new hand tattoo…compliments of Brett Jones.

I went to see one of my mentors Brett the other day…I watched him tattoo and bought a painting from him.  When I worked with him last year I was always trying to buy it from him.  He finally broke down and sold it to me. Hanging around him really made me miss his wisdom, friendship and shenanigans. He is a phenomenal tattooist and he is like my older brother in the tattoo world.  Him and I are both from the same area back home and ever since I worked with him I haven’t met anyone quite like him. I strive everyday to make sure that my work reflects his along with Luis and Nik’s efforts in teaching me everything that I know today. What really sets Brett apart though is that he is the one who taught me how to paint with watercolor and I even though I’m still perfecting it, I owe him that recognition.  Whenever I get a tattoo from him I always learn something in the process. I just wanted to express to all of you what an honor it is to have worked with such a talented artist and I encourage people to go get tattooed from him at Exile in E. Olympia.

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