Pedals, Paintings and Protesting…

So I’ve been extremely busy with tattooing but in my off time I’ve been trying to finish up my new run of flash, some skateboard designs as well as my first run of of custom telegraph footswitches. Oh yeah and pissing off protesters outside of Ft. Lewis…it kinda seems like my niche so why fight it? Anyway each footswitch is a one off using antique or handbuilt telegraph keys from the late 1800’s-early 1900’s, each have custom wrapped cording, several have (real not cast )unique coins, all have custom engravings done by me and can be personalized for you if desired… for a fee of course.  If you would like to purchase one of my pedals or would like one built custom feel free to leave a comment.


4 Responses to “Pedals, Paintings and Protesting…”

  1. pretty much i would like to get one of your foot pedals. I got a tattoo machine in hopes of tattooing.. and it hadnt worked so well….
    SO.. i need a new one and would like to get one made from you.

  2. The Firm Tattoo & Co. (Classic Tattoos by Q) Says:

    Thank you for you for your interest and enthusiasm. Unfortunately my pedals are strictly for professionals, and all purchases must be accompanied by a portfolio and shop or studio name. However if you are planning on tattooing before doing so I suggest that you get an apprenticeship. It is the only way you will learn what not to do without messing someones skin up. Getting an apprenticeship is hard so don’t be discouraged when you are told “no”. It’s gonna happen…but stay diligent and work hard…and maybe I’ll make you a pedal someday.

  3. alexisdcolombo Says:

    How much are you charging for your foot pedals?

    • The Firm Tattoo & Co. (Classic Tattoos by Q) Says:

      I only have three avaiilable. I am charging $150 + S&H for a basic pedal. Add $25 for rare coins from my collection, $25 for engraving. All pedals are custom made, one offs and are numbered. These pedals are all antique and are extremely rare by themselves. Many are from the early 1900’s and some are from the late 1800’s. The pedals shown are sold out…but I do have three telegraph switches left. So if you order from one from me it will be build to order and will go out within a week. I will be tattooing in Philadelphia at the end of June. So if you order this weekend I will send it before I leave. If not I can make it upon my return to my shop around the 1st of July. Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you. If you have any questions please feel free to call 360.359.1155. My paypal is


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