New work

So the first piece you see in this bunch is the ram’s head.  This particular piece took me eight hours to finish…I worked until 4 am and I was happy with how it turned out.  The second piece was a depiction of Baphomet a depiction of the “Devil” within Christianity but also a pagan god predating Christianity.  This piece was right around 5 hours from start to finish. The third is a freebie that I wanted for my portfolio…I’ve had this ridiculous idea of doing a bake potato “champ stamp”.  My friend Brandan aka “Brody” was kick ass enough to let me do this on him.  If you notice all of these pieces use of black shading and traditional elements to maintain my focus on fundamentals.  These pieces definitly taught me quite a bit about my tattooing.  A while back Gentle hit me up and offered me some advice on how to execute my color work and shading better. These pieces were efforts to use this advice to the best of my abilities.  I hope you like…

2 Responses to “New work”

  1. Do you think people are getting tattoos without having any idea what they mean. Or why they wanted it. My nephew explained to me that he got a full sleeve tattoo because he thought it would be cool. He is old enough to have a tatoo and had the money to pay for it. So everything was legit except for his reason. I have tats but they all have meaning and I had to earn the priveldge of wearing them. What’s you take on people getting tats for no reason.

    • The Firm Tattoo & Co. (Classic Tattoos by Q) Says:

      Well that is an interesting question…I believe in my limited experience within the tattoo industry, it has seen a large spike in popularity since the emergence of shows such as L.A and Miami Ink. There are definitely more tattoo influences going into the development of clothing designs these days as well. I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing but there are definitely a lot of people out there who are getting tattoos that are going to regret them in the future…and your right some people are getting them for the “wrong” reasons. With that said keep in mind that tattooing is older than organized religion…dating backing over 6,000 years. So one could say that it is an instinctive part within ourselves to mark our bodies in an effort to document the human experience.

      Personally I have quite a few tattoos that I regret…and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. Not because they were bad ideas but because they were executed poorly. So when I do work on people I try to do things responsibly….however I have a very weird sense of humor and a lot of my friends that I tattoo do as well. So you will see a lot of funny stuff on my website that some of my viewers may not be able to relate to. So it is really a collectors responsibility to be aware of the weight of their decision and the commitment that it comes with as well as the tattooists responsibility to be able to separate collectors from the regular customer…but with this said we all have to pay the bills and put food on the table. This is my profession and unfortunately I can’t be responsible for every knuckle head that comes in and wants their “babies momma’s” name on their neck but I am responsible for making it the best name I can. I have no problem turning down work if I think a particular customer is making a bad decision or doing it for the wrong reasons. Just the other day I turned down a $500 piece because the design was horrible…but what did that customer do? They went to the next artist and got it done by him…and it looked even worse than the design he brought me.

      When I get a new client I try to educate them and steer them into the right direction using the ideas that they provide me…while still trying to stay true to the art form that I love. I typically set appointments no sooner than a week out…to give the client a chance to think about what their doing, as well as give me a chance to put a nice piece together. Hopefully that effort and level of service will insure the client is fully prepared for that life long decision. Do keep in mind though that the vast majority of tattoos you see on this site are designs that friends of mine get…so they are usually tattoo collectors who have many tattoos and appreciate the art form and some a good laugh. However I wouldn’t consider them to be less important because in the end tattoos are for the wearer not the audience…so what one considers relevant won’t always be perceived the same by others. I hope this answers your question…thanks for writing.


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