Busy with bordem…

It’s my night off from the shop…the heat won’t let me sleep so I decided that I would use some of my creative spirit to develop a new tattoo foot switch.  I am an antique junkie as you may have already known…but what you may not know is that I was in the Army for about 5 years.  I served in the signal corp as a radio operator in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and another tour in 2005.  I have always been fascinated by old military gadgets but when I saw this antique telegraph key from the early 1900’s that said signal on it I had to have it.  I was planning to make a switch out of it at some point but haven’t had the time until tonight.  I stripped some wire from another pedal wrapped it in gaffers tape and wired it up to the key’s posts.  Being a old coin junkie I had a pretty large stash of various coins from all over the world.  Russia, the middle east, Germany, France, Korea some other eastern European countries…but most of all I am an American history nut.  I really like coins from the WWII, and civil war era. On a trip to D.C with some close friends a few years back I came across these old confederate coin copies.  Tonight they found a home…I punched the holes in them…and screwed them into the levers of the key. Wah lah! It’s not much but in my mind it’s art…I think I may do some more of these seeing how I have so many coins.  Each one that I have found on my treasure hunts has had very unique features but this one just stuck out to me.


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