Nessun Dorma

I have gotten quite an influx of visits recently it could be the cards or the word of mouth…but I am a busy guy these days.  The weekends haven’t been as busy for some reason…but it doesn’t really matter because if you do good work you will stay busy.  This weekend however has been a bust so far…I’ve done little script and other really small tattoos.  Not that there is anything wrong with that but I was hoping for some more challenging pieces…but for the record I’m definitely not bitchin.  I am however filled almost for the rest of the month on appointment dates, so I spent most of the last two days working with my apprentice drawing up concepts for artwork, designing new flash and practicing my lettering.  My walls are almost out of room there is so much crazy stuff up right now. I think I’m going back to taking appointments on the weekends seeing how it’s all the time I got left. If you are a first time vistitor to  my page..I welcome you…and encourage you to look through all of my pictures to see what I am about.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.  I will reply as time permits.  To all of the people who continue to help me out with your referrals I am honored to work with you.  “G” your advice is helping alot…I can’t wait to finally relax a bit and be the customer when I get to Erie. I’ll update in a day or two with new work and a history lesson.  Later…



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