Some of my work from this week…

I have been super busy this last week… I’m booked 3 weeks out at this point but I have a few openings left.  Here are some of the pieces that I felt really good about.  I put a classic touch to everything that I did…and I was happy with the end product.  You may notice that most of these tattoos have white in them…I have been experimenting with the use of this color to try and accent my color work.  The wolf piece was my take on a old classic flash piece that I will be getting on my right fist soon.  I loved that piece but I have to say the boar piece was extremely special to me because it was this 18 year old kids first tattoo.  All the males in his family get a custom boar.  I really put my heart into this piece…4 1/2 hours into this one this is what we came up with.  The final pic is of the king of hearts….it is a rework and the is after our first session.  I got my work cut out for me….but I have faith that I can clean it up nice.

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