Black magic and mom tattoos!

The tattoos I did this week were classic style tattoos…with the aim to achieve the kind of bold lines and shading that one would expect from traditional tattoo masters such as Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy, Lyle Tuttle.  Although they were not the source of the art…I used pieces I had drawn to represent that particular style. I used only “good color” pigments (with the exception of the lime green) to do these pieces. I wanted to use every tool at my disposal to portray the pieces in a classic sense.  One of the most important elements to notice about each of these pieces are the bold lines and color along with the skipped effect of the black shading.  These are all important elements of classic genre tattoos. However to use the term genre might not be the appropriate term…tattooing has seen many advances since the days of Sailor Jerry…Bert Grimm and Charley Wagner and other tattooers from around the time of the turn of the 20th century.  Tattoo designs in those days were done to a certain standard an colored and applied with a certain technique or formula, the evidence of this is in the art itself. I will not put that information on here….but what I will say is that over the course of the 20th century that formula and technique was refined.  As the 90’s sprung about you start to see a broader range of tattoo work emerging with new takes on the old school designs of the past.  Tribal made a huge impact on the industry, more delicate designs with little to no line work started to pop up along with bio-mechanical and black and grey themes stariting to emerge in the 80’s.  These are just examples of work that started to force the art of the classic tattooist to evolve…to adapt and overcome and meet new demands within the industry.  As a tattooer, artist…and a patron of the business myself for over 10 years I can say I truly that I am in love with the elements of the classic designs.  Aside from other styles of tattooing that originated here in the U.S the classic tattoo is by far the longest running. Many of these designs that you see when you walk into a shop started almost 100 years ago in another time…in the mind of an artist that has long left this Earth. There is a sense of timelessness to it all…and to me a great sense of wonder. The mysteries of them are there.but in many cases it is unknown to the wearer that these mysteries even exist.  These designs were drawn by me…but all but the cloud and skull piece where my renderings of traditional pieces.  The skull and the clouds piece that I put on my apprentice was a special piece with a message for my apprentice…and it is special to only him…however I will say that he has an extremely amusing  fear of eyes.


One Response to “Black magic and mom tattoos!”

  1. Hector Aguirre Says:

    yup tat looks awesome cant wait to go back in and get more work done …..

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