Some new work from this week

Hey everyone it’s been a few days since I’ve posted pictures.  I have been studying the photography bible and consulting with Jessica on my picture taking.  I think they are turning out nicely.  I’m extremely excited about the last piece in the set. We worked for around 5 hours and that’s what we came up with.  I have really been using Sailor Jerry and old school guys to influence my work but the piece with the roses is a spin off of Sailor Jerry and Uncle Allen.  I read an article that Uncle Allen had in Tattoo Artist Magazine and he was really a down to earth kind of guy.  He cited Sailor Jerry as one of his main influences and in my experience there is no other way to learn to tattoo good clean classic designs if you haven’t studied Sailor Jerry. I mean there are many other tattooists that influenced him and there are many that came before him, but the way he redesigned their flash work and his own set a whole new standard for what tattooing was at the time.  These traditional basics are still the stepping stones to building solid classic tattoo work today. This is one of the reasons that Sailor Jerry is so well known throughout the tattoo world and now a household name.  So I thought it important to touch on the subject.  Since I have studied Sailor Jerry’s work I have become more able to simplify my own designs and develop more of an understanding of the art of the classic American tattoo styles. If done correctly and mixed with a customers vision you can use this as a basic template for your work.

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