New Machine by Gentle Josh

Say hello to my new machine compliments of Gentle Josh.  I bought a book off of this tattooer on how to tune machines properly. It was really helpful for young tattooers such as myself and it will be required reading for any apprentice of mine.  Tuning and building machines is probably one of the most important aspects of being a tattooer and honestly the communication within the tattoo community is limited and many terms are used loosely.  Many artists just simply buy a machine straight out of the box which is fine…but when it breaks they lack the knowledge on how to fix it.  I’ve known several phenomenal tattooers who cant fix their machines when they break down and to me that just seems like a gamble.  I knew a little from my 20 month apprenticeship but not until I really sat down and read through Gentles book did I start to figure out some of the reasoning and inner workings of my instrument but I wont give those secrets away here…I’m off to work!


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