I’m still alive…and tattooing but I just started at a new shop in Lakewood outside of Ft. Lewis, they checked my portfolio out and bam! I was hired on the spot. What a huge difference from working in a custom setting though.  It’s in the god damn ghetto first off!  Today I did a Ranger piece and a cover up with a rose of some ghetto ass cherries on this chick…compliments of Wrath at Bulldog in Lacey. I’ve gotten a piece from him and that guy is a seriously phenominal tattooer. He really ripped into me year ago about my shitty portfolio and my even worse pictures but he definitly saved my ass with his new lettering book tonight.  I’m glad he bitched at me cuz it’s starting to pay off! I owe him atleast another $50…lol! Seriously!

I spent almost $400 furnishing my new station …and I’m still not done.  Today was my first real day tattooing at work.  I am going to continue to do traditional/classic work while at the shop and I have a feeling that it will catch on with some of these Soldiers.  I’m working with “Painless Shay” real nice guy and tattooer I’ve worked with before as well as the owner Oliver also a really nice guy.  I’m the only one really into the traditional thing I think but whatever…people look at my portfolio and I think  it definitly catches their eye.  I am excited about working outside the base but I cant sacrifice my integrity as an artist any longer.  For years I’ve worked in shops doing anything I could just to pay the bills…but I turned down two pieces today because honestly they weren’t good ideas.  I refuse to put one more bad tattoo on anyone.  I hate that feeling! So everything I’ve learned from tbe more custom shops has really carried over into how I’ve  interacted with clients over the last couple of days.  I’m better at educating them and helping shape their ideas more so than a year…or two years ago. In the end both clients walked out tonight with smiles on their faces and saying thank you requesting my number…so all in all it was definitly a great night.  I didn’t get done until 1 am and when I walked out my back was on fire! I really hope this works out well and I’m really honored to have a spot at such a promising location…I’m going to do my best to give something back to tattooing and work really hard to show all the great tattooers that graced me with their time and wisdom that I was worth it. A couple new tattoos I’ve done will be up soon…I just have to find the time to get the photos done. Goodnight…


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