I’m takin tommorrow off!

It’s been 10 straight days of tattooing and not a lot of breaks in between, I just got done with the photos and it’s 2:21 am Monday as I type this.  I’m exhausted and my entire week is completely full except for tommorrow so since I got some down time I think I’m gonna do some things for me.  LIKE GET OUTSIDE! In the spirit of yesterday’s work I wanted to do some more “franken-Jerry” , so Dillon was first to volunteer his shoulder and I gotta say I was extremely happy with it.  We talked about women and how in the past we have both been burned, had our money stolen and all the bs horror stories that come with being with a crazy…Dillon is pretty cool so I told him I wanted to do something off the wall.  He’s a roomate of my friend Justin with the flying pig, so I joked that I would have them competing for the weirdest tattoo before this is all said and done. Knowing Dillon he would probably get a potato tramp stamp just to say he won, it’s just who he is. The heart and revolvers was a nice start and until I finish with color or shading I’m not quite sure what to say other than I was extremely happy with the line work and the design…I think it will be a really nice piece in the end. I hope those of you who are following this enjoy the work I did today and tonight and I will hopefully be posting more tuesday…thanks for all the support everybody and goodnight.


2 Responses to “I’m takin tommorrow off!”

  1. Here’s a philosophical question: How do people use tattoos? Are they about the past? Are they about the future? Are they about pleasures in life? about the pains in life? Do you see differences in how clients think about these issues vs. tattoo artists? How about your own personal feelings? I’d like toknow if you find any of these questions interesting. If they are NOT, please forgettaabout it!

  2. The Firm Tattoo & Co. (Classic Tattoos by Q) Says:

    I do find them very interesting…I am constantly confronted with new ideas of what the tattoo means to others. I think you raise several good points because, one of the hardest thing for me is that sometimes their idea doesn’t speak to me on a personal level. So I study my ass off because my goal is to give the wearer as nice of a piece as possible while still paying my respects to the traditions that have proceeded me. Tattooing is like a living breathing thing that never sleeps…and I think one of the first ways to understand it is to understand that it is bigger than you…it changes like fashion but there are definitely tattooers out there that are pushing the boundaries of what tattooing is and can be. However to me when I first started getting tattooed and tattooing myself, I think it had quite a bit to do with the fact that I felt different and unable to relate to many of the social circles as a young person. Although I was well known throughout school and was active in sports, I hung out with the artsy kids, skateboarders, musicians and misfits, probably because it was a more accepting environment. I never really felt like I identified with some of the kids in the “in crowd” because I didn’t understand why they all wanted to wear the same brand of clothes or listen to the popular music at the time. To me that is what tattooing is about setting yourself apart from the crowd…embracing and being your own person and not falling into the assembly line so to speak. Tattoo work really has to speak to the wearer…I mean many people have tattoos that represent good things or bad things, from their past or hopes for their future…everybody’s got a story… but some just love the art work. With that in mind I think in a way that is why tattooing it is one of the purest art forms in existence, it is priceless, it’s living art, it’s something that you have to commit to. I mean you have to pay a person and then sit down and take the pain of the actual application and then live with it forever…some would consider that crazy, others consider it an honor, so it’s not for everyone. To me though I don’t always understand why clients want some of the ridiculous things they ask for…maybe it’s a right of passage…a marking of a point in time…a travel mark…but honestly as a working tattooer it is not really my place to judge it. It’s my opportunity to fulfill that request or desire and hopefully educate the client just enough, so that when they get another tattoo that they will have a little more respect for it. To do a service not only the collector but to the early masters of my trade as well. More so than anything I am a collector and history nut, so a lot of what I feel about tattooing comes from that lens, I just love the art. I loved art from an early age…my mother was a oil painter, musician and advertiser for a local newspaper. So after school I use to go to her work and watch the editor Cecil cut and edit designs for the paper. I would walk in the back and watch the newspapers actually come out of the presses. The smell of the ink always captured my senses and when I became a printing apprentice in high school I think that is where becoming a tradesman really started to become a romantic idea for me. Your getting dirty, your using your hands…your making actual work. So all in all I can only speak for myself but tattooing is about heritage, honor, respect, good fun and more so than anything about documenting the human condition. In centuries to come art historians will speak of what tattooers of the 20th and 21st century accomplished…mark my words.

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