When pigs fly…wow! What a day at the office…

So today was starting out a little rough…I was still suffering from the after shocks of a massive migraine…I had to take a vicodin friday night just to attempt to sleep. So when I woke up today I wasn’t really feelin the creative energy….especially after that long session Friday.  So when my pal Justin came by I talked him into goin to the antique store with me, where we browsed around. This is my weekly ritual… looking for random nuggets of inspiration, along with shameless stops at the goodwill looking for frames.  I find it wierd…I feel like a modern day pirate…its pretty damn cool but weird all the same! So many people wrapped up into buying the newest coolest thing but very few ever stop to think about the treasures we toss aside. I think thats one of the reasons I love tattooing so much…I was always a collector of sorts…even as a small child.  I loved history and I had a little wooden chest filled with rocks, old coins, papers, maps, old medicine bottles and my best collection was my civil war finds that I would hunt with my grandfather East and his metal detector back in Virginia. Somehow everytime I set foot in an antique store I think of him and how much I miss him.  After this little adventure though I started to feel my energy coming back and I thought it would be interesting to kick todays work up a notch! Sooooo I took two old Sailor Jerry pieces and injected some of my “creep factor” into them.  I have always loved the “saying when pigs fly” and there is something about pigs that fascinate me anyway…but honestly I think the pig tattoo had alot to do with the fact that Justin started talking to me about how much he liked my pig painting.  It was interesting to hear what another human being thinks of my artwork…it was a boost of confidence, but I felt humbled in the fact that people see it through their own lense.  He originally wanted to get a sparrow but when I was drawing it up I was like “holllldddd uppppp man can I put some stupid shit on you today? ” He laughed and said “like what?”, and from there it just flowed out, our conversation, our humor, our trip to the antique store…it was all in that one little tattoo…a memento to a moment in his life and mine as well.  You gotta have humor in this profession…I think it’s the only thing keepin me sane.

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